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Loaded is a cloud based hospitality management system. We connect to your point of sale to give you real time sales information which you and your team can access from all of your devices 24 hours a day.

We've also created the simplest budgeting, cash reconciliation, timeclock, rostering and inventory management systems.

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POS integration is automated during signup and takes less than 5 minutes.

Everything you need to run your hospitality business

Point of Sale

We automatically integrate with your point of sale, and push data to the cloud every four minutes.

Loaded Reports & Operating Systems

Say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets and manual data entry as Loaded becomes your hub for managing all your operations.

Accounting & Payroll Systems

Send your key finance and payroll information to your existing payroll or Xero accounting systems.

Save Time, Save Money

Take our quick and easy business analysis survey and our team will come back to you with the estimated time, money and headaches Loaded will be able to save you once fully implemented.

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The Loaded dashboard gives you the best information so you can easily make decisions which will make your business more profitable.
Easy to understand, beautifully designed reports covering all aspects of your business.
Making a budget can be difficult. We've made it easy by breaking it down into bite size chunks to give you accurate sales targets.
No idea where your money goes? Do your daily cashups with our easy to follow wizard and you can see exactly what has happened to it.
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